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While Valerie's Barber & Beauty offers all of the services most other salons offer They take the extra step by offering something unique to the area: hair replacement and hair extensions.

In today's society, when appearance is so important, the professionals of Valerie's Barber and Beauty take hair loss seriously!  With their exclusive non-surgical system of replacing hair, you cannot find a more natural hair replacement anywhere in the world. Their methods are recommended by physicians to persons suffering from hair loss due to chemotherapy, illness, or accident.  Their services are also suggested to the many individuals losing hair from the natural effects of aging due to inherited traits.

In addition to scalp treatments, Valerie's Barber & Beauty offers many styles of hair replacements. Synthetic and European hair is available in toupees, wigs, falls or braids- all of which may be custom designed in the latest styles and fitted especially for you. They also offer a selection of medical and theatrical wigs at reasonable prices. In addition, they will care for your present hair system by cleaning and styling it when needed.

While other hair replacement firms require money up front and a signed contract, Valerie's does not have any requirements. They also offer a very private location, and all hair replacements services are done on the upstairs level of the salon for the most privacy.

Valerie's Barber & Beauty promises professional service and a natural style suited to your individual needs.

Remember, if it looks like a wig, It's not from Valerie's Barber and Beauty!

Valerie's also offers all salon services. They offer cuts, colors, perms, highlights and foils. Valerie is a barber as well, specializing in military and clipper cuts. They offer competitive pricing and high quality services to match any other salon. Valerie's sells a full line of beauty products that are known and trusted .

Val, owner of "Valerie's Barber and Beauty" for 30 years, works only with the highest quality, state of the art technology.

We have the solutions!

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Valerie's Barber & Beauty is a unisex salon with 30 years of experience offering top notch professional service in a laid back very private and comfortable setting.

“we don’t just cut hair, we change lives”

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The Salon is open Tuesday through Saturday by appointment only. Please call the salon from 9am to 9pm Eastern Standard Time at 732-363-4758 to schedule your private appointment.